Underwater Wedding?!

It’s not the first and certainly not the last but may have been the most fun Wedding we’ve been involved with so far underwater! A huge congratulations to Kim and Richard who tied the knot this past weekend below the waters surface. Surrounded by over 30 different species of fish and being watched by 25 of their closest friends and family.  The couple acknowledged their vows, exchanged rings and even a kiss all in scuba gear many feet down.  The Downtown Aquarium and A-1 Scuba have had the pleasure of helping at least a dozen couples become engaged or married underwater over the past 9 years. Sometimes special equipment is used that allows the divers to speak while submerged so that they can speak and or hear each other underwater or so dry spectators on the other side of “the glass” may hear them.  If your looking to pop the question or tie the knot and dare….. Let’s do it underwater!!