Summer Walk Up Programs!

Beginning June 8th the Downtown Aquarium and A-1 Scuba will be opening the Monday-Friday snorkeling booth for summer weekday snorkeling programs. The booth will open at 10 am daily during the week and take walk on sign ups for the popular Swim With The Fish guest program. Programs will run daily at approximately 12:30 throughout mid August. For ages 6 and up you and your friends can get into the water with over 400 fish!! The 200,000 gallon exhibit houses over 30 species of fish in its roomy 15′ deep ocean like environment. Equipment is provided and yes people outside the glass can see you. It’s all part of the fun at The Denver Downtown Aquarium!  For more information please call 303-789-2450. To make weekend reservations or to schedule scuba diving call A-1 Scuba at the number above. Visit