Awesome time with several close encounters with the sharks!

Wonderful! We surprised or kids with the experience of diving with the sharks – and they couldn’t have been more excited. We had traveled to CO from Indiana to visit family for the holidays. We found the aquarium easily, and hooked up with the group with no problem. The kids went in the back and got all geared up. The experience was amazing to watch. The kids were safe and well taken care of – very professional crew. I would totally do it again and recommend it to all. Thank you to the staff for helping make this whole day special and amazing.

Hello A-1,

I just wanted to let you know that I totally enjoyed my adventure experience today! It was my birthday weekend, and I don’t think I could have picked a better way to spend my day. A-1 Scuba staff was great, as was the Aquarium staff. The dive was awesome and all the equipment was excellent, too.

I hope to maybe go on a dive trip with the shop one day, too!

Thank you all again.


Our Family had the best time EVER with Wendie last week.

She was so patient with all of our different personalities, helpful in getting ‘Momma Bear’ to relax, and was an absolute blast to swim with. She not only made our adventure FUN and memorable she gave us the experience of our lives. It is something we will NEVER forget.

Thank you!

Dear Scott,

I am writing to express appreciation on behalf of Riley Childrens Foundation for the amazing partnership we enjoyed with the Denver Downtown Aquarium that enabled our Camp Riley students and members of our staff to become certified. During an incredibly busy weekend for the aquarium (President’s Day) Dive Safety Officer,Todd, and the A-1 Scuba team handled every detail flawlessly. They ensured that our divers were safe and had the experience of a lifetime.

For individuals with physical disabilities, life can often seem full of obstacles. It was hard for our Riley campers to believe that it would be possible that they could ever scuba dive much less become certified. Those moments of watching them gain confidence and achieve that goal are ones that all of us will always treasure. There were cheers and many tears as we watched them succeed and then gain the confidence to be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Denver Aquarium.

I would like also to acknowledge Todd and Shane. Their diving expertise was complemented by their commitment to these young people’s experience. Again, it was a weekend crowded with many activities, but Todd and Shane and the rest of the A-1 and Aquarium staff always made sure our group received their full attention and had the highest quality of experience. They were great for me to work with in advance and during the weekend.

All of us at Riley Childrens Foundation are deeply grateful that they and you made this experience possible. We have been singing the praises of Denver Aquarium and A1 Scuba to everyone as we have shared stories from this event. We look forward to building our partnership in the years to come.

Maureen Manier
Vice President, Communications and Marketing
Riley Childrens Foundation
30 South Meridian, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46204

You know that feeling you get when you see yourself in others? When something you’ve dreamt about finally comes true? Well, I’ve been talking to Scott Taylor, owner of A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center, for years about my Adaptive SCUBA Program and the Dive Team I started, Operation Deep Down, and how The Cody Unser First Step Foundation has been helping Indianapolis based Riley Children’s Foundation, serve disabled kids. We’ve been providing SCUBA Introductions to Riley Kids at Bradford Woods for the past several years; our program has created some incredible opportunities for young adults and their desire for adventure. Anyways, there I was in Denver watching the Riley Kids follow my dream, to get SCUBA Certified.

We began their training 6 months ago, and now here we were in a three-way partnership with A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center and the Denver Downtown Aquarium, finishing up their PADI Scuba Diver certification amongst reef fishes, moray eels, and sea turtles. Watching from behind the glass I got that feeling again, of accomplishing something I’ve wanted for a long time. The kids are full of fortitude, you can tell they want this, and you see it when they begin to feel the “sweet spot” in their new found buoyancy. To celebrate, the Riley Kids and A-1 crew did a “bonus dive” in the “Dive With The Fish” site and my family gathered to get ready for our “Dive With The Sharks” experience….. all compliments of A-1 Scuba and the Downtown Aquarium. My cousin Johnny Unser, my brother Joe, and I don our gear and here we go, one for all and all for one (except my Dad, Al Unser Jr., who was watching topside). The Shark dive was exhilarating. I look forward to an annual trek to Denver to collaborate with our partners!

I really loved that Scott, Lynn, Shane and Wendie took the time to come stand on the gas at the Unser Racing and Entertainment Center Friday night, for our Oil&Water go-Kart challenge, to represent the hammerhead side of our Drive & Dive weekend. I also want to thank the Denver Downtown Aquarium for allowing us to park my dad’s IROC race car and Cufsf new adaptive go-kart in front of the aquarium. It showed the public yet another way to include us motorheads with physical challenges.

As always Big fish Kisses to A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center and the Denver Downtown Aquarium. It was a very special weekend for me and the Unser family…XOXO

Cody Unser

Dear AnnaMaria,

Thank you so much. I appreciated all your kindness this weekend. As I mentioned, I had polio as a child and many limitations. The snorkeling experience at the aquarium, brought back a lot of good memories. Have not snorkelled nor scuba dived in over 20 years.. 20 years tooo long.. lol Good memory time.

Again, thanks for all your help and assistance. Please convey my appreciation to the others. It made for a good time.

Thank you for caring.

Dear A1 Scuba,

Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that this past Friday my wife Sylvia and I had the opportunity to dive with the sharks at the Downtown Aquarium. We met Kate outside, discussed the dive with her and were ready to go.

I wanted to let you know that the dive was absolutely spectacular and Kate was absolutely fantastic! The dive was easy and lots of fun. Sharks are such incredible animals. Kate was professional, fun, and we would dive with her any time – she’s a keeper.

We had a blast on the dive and definitely recommend it. It was well worth it.

Dear A-1,

Just wanted to thank you. My daughter, Dante, snorkled with the fish today and had a fantastic time.

The instructor was really informative, and she really liked him. We enjoyed watching her as well.

Thanks again for offering this service!

Thank you A-1 Scuba for the opportunity to complete two of the four required open water dives at the Downtown Denver Aquarium. It was an absolutely amazing and fun adventure!

The experienced, helpful, and gracious dive instructors and aquarium personnel made the certification process a wonderful experience for me. Plus, getting two of the dives completed just 10 minutes from my home, made it very easy and less time consuming to complete my last two required open water dives on my vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you A-1 Scuba for giving me the knowledge and skills needed to learn how to safely Scuba dive.

My SCUBA certification in the inaugural program of completing the first two open water dives in the Downtown Denver Aquarium was a great and wonder-filled experience!

It was a great “jump start” for the ocean and diving with the fish in the aquarium was awesome!

Not only did it allow me to complete my first two open water dives in a comfortable environment, it allowed me to get certified the first morning of my dive trip!

Thanks for making my certification experience so easy and fun.