Aquarium Eco Diver Specialty Program

Are you ready for some serious diving fun? If so, our AQUARIUM ECO DIVER SPECIALTY PROGRAM is for you!

Scuba diving opens the door to exploring the underwater world and specialty training allows you to see and explore the underwater world in new and different ways. The advantage is that you’ll build on new skills learned during your specialty dives and expand your capabilities, all while under the direction and supervision of a diving expert. For many this will open the door to other diving opportunities.

During your aquarium dives you’ll apply information you learned while reading your SSI ecology specialty materials. These exciting dives will help make you a more comfortable diver, improve your diving confidence and enhance your knowledge.

What You’ll Learn

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  • Observe and identify different species of fish
  • Record sightings, abundance and sizes of fish
  • Sketch/describe unfamiliar fish


  • Identify species of hard and soft coral
  • Note physical differences of coral
  • Identify symbiotic relationships between coral and marine species


  • Note turtle species
  • Record identifying characteristics
  • Note the behavior exhibited by the turtles


  • Identify shark species during the dive
  • Record identifying characteristics of each species
  • Record the larges and smallest body sizes
  • Note unique behaviors
Fish Identification

Shark Ecology

Coral Identification

Sea Turtle Ecology

Prerequisites and Documents

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  • Be a certified Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver
  • Have a personal MySSI account with an uploaded digital photo
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Course Fee – $295

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  • SSI Diving Professional
  • Shark Cage Dive
  • (1) Scuba Dive
  • Four SSI Ecology Specialties (Coral ID, Fish ID, Sea Turtle Ecology and Shark Ecology)
  • Use of:  Tank, BCD, Regulator, Gauges, Exposure Suit, Gloves and Beanie
  • (1) day aquarium pass (that day)
  • Commemorative T-shirt

Not Included

  • Dive slate
  • Mask, Fins & Booties
  • Parking (there is a separate fee for this)
  • Swimsuit, towel and personal hygiene items
    Note: Sorry, no bare feet allowed so please bring shoes (Keens, flip-flops, water shoes, etc) to wear on the wet deck

Eco Diver

SSI Level 3/Advanced Diver

Once you complete four SSI specialties and digitally log 24 dives you will automatically be sent your digital Level 3/Advanced Diver Recognition card.  There is no charge for this service.




If you have any questions please call us at (303) 789-2450!

Cancellation and Transfer Policy
Payment in full was required to reserve your space in the class.

  • Should you cancel or transfer, FOR ANY REASON, less than 48 hours before the starting date of the course, all fees will be forfeited.
  • Should you transfer less than seven days, but more than 48 hours before the starting date of the class, there will be a $100 transfer/cancellation fee.