Meet Your Guides

Here are the folks who will help you snorkel and dive in the Denver Aquarium!

Shane Taylor


Role: A-1 General Manager, Downtown Aquarium Programs Director

Real Job: Organize, schedule and conduct Aquarium dive programs, daily business operations at A-1, Service Tech, sales, marketing, promotions, merchandizing and displays

Diving Credentials: SSI and PADI Master Instructor, Professional Aquarium Dive Guide, Trip/Tour Escort, Master Service Technician.

Personal passions: Ocean and Shark Conservation, Shark Awareness, Photo and Video, Music…

Favorite Non-Diving Activities: Playing with my amazing twins, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Motorcycling, Kick-Boxing, breaking stuff, fixing stuff, good times with good friends, enjoying time at home

Favorite food: Italian! Of Course!

Favorite Dive Location: Love every place I have had the privilege to visit but Galapagos is the best place to see a large variety of “big animals” so far for me.  Guadalupe diving with Great White Sharks blew me away too.  Any chance to dive with Sharks, count me in!


Role:  Owner, obedient husband & dive-a-holic

Real Job:  I can honestly say that I’m a diver through and through.  I most enjoy teaching instructor level courses and classes for divers with disabilities.

Diving Credentials:  Instructor Trainer for:  SSI, DAN and the Handicapped Scuba Association

Personal Passion:  Spending time with my wife, kids and four grandkids

Non-Diving Activities:  Motorcycling, ATVing, playing ball with my oldest grandson, dancing with my oldest granddaughter and goofing off with our (twin) grandkids

Favorite Food:  Meat and tators.  Not a “green” fan.

Favorite Dive Location:  I can’t name just one, so here’s my top five (in order) Philippines, Truk, Galapagos, Palau and Thailand.


Role:  Training Manager at the Downtown Aquarium, A-1 Instructor and A-1 group trip leader

Diving Credentials: SSI AIT, IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor, DAN DEMP Instructor, HSA Instructor

Real Job: Playing at the Downtown Aquarium

Personal Passions:  I enjoy working with kids and experiencing different cultures around the world.

Non-Diving Activities: Sand volleyball, camping in the summer and enjoy hanging out at the lakes on our boat.

Favorite Food: Hot Wings

Favorite Dive Location:  Philippines and the Galapagos


Role:  Downtown Aquarium Dive Program Manager and A-1 Instructor

Diving Credentials:  SSI AIT, PADI MSDT, DAN Instructor, EFR Instructor, NAUI Instructor Trainer

Real Job: Corporate Dive Safety Officer for the Downtown Aquarium and Landry’s

Personal Passions: hangin’ with my wife and dogs, travel anywhere and  sushi

Non-Diving Activities: motorcycles, golf, food and wine, hiking

Favorite Food: BBQ…Sushi…BBQ…Sushi…Martini’s

Favorite Dive Location: Roatan Honduras


Role:  Instructor: Coordinate the Divers with Disabilities Program

Diving Credentials: SSI Instructor Trainer, PADI MSDT, EFR Instructor, DAN Instructor, Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor

Real Job: Recreation Therapist at Craig Hospital

Personal Passions: My canine kids and being outdoors

Non-Diving Activities: Swimming, Stained Glass, Gardening, hanging out with my dogs

Favorite Food: Tillamook Cheese

Favorite Dive Location: If not Chatfield, it would be Bonaire


Role:  Dive Guide at the Downtown Aquarium, Scuba Instructor at A-1 Scuba and Travel Center

Diving Credentials: SSI and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, Mind Body and Spirit Diver.

Real Job: Teaching diving is real for me!! I retired from a career as parole officer in 2005.
I must say I like this better, I haven’t had to handcuff a diving student yet!

Personal Passions:  I love to travel – and anything to do with the water.

Non-Diving Activities: My passion for the water extends to Windsurfing. I also enjoy Cycling and Skiing.

Favorite Food: Whatever the local fare happens to be!

Favorite Dive Location:  Bonaire for the easy shore diving and it’s a quick drive over to Lac Bay for some afternoon Windsurfing!


Diving Credentials:  SSI MSDT (Master Scuba Diving Instructor) EFR instructor, and DAN DEMP instructor

Real Job: I’m still looking for a real job, in the mean time I do Network and Internet Security for a firm that deals in the stock market.

Personal Passions: My Son and his well-being, and making money in the stock market

Non-Diving Activities: Anything that doesn’t have to do with computers

Favorite Food: I have to choose? – hmmm if it’s chocolate I’ll eat it

Favorite Dive Location: Where it’s wet and warm – I admit, I DON’T like the cold


Diving Credentials:  SSI Instructor Trainer, EFR Instructor, Denver Aquarium Dive Guide, Denver Aquarium Volunteer-Lead Diver, Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Real Job: Jack of all trades

Personal Passions: Family & diving

Non-Diving Activities: Boating, Mtn. Biking, Skiing, Flying, Motorcycles.

Favorite Food: Pizza & Mexican food

Favorite Dive Location: Anywhere It’s Wet!


Diving Credentials:  SSI and PADI Instructor, Dive Guide at Denver Aquarium, Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor

Real Job: Too many to list

Personal Passions: Family & Friends – meeting new people, going new places & trying new things……. And of course Diving!

Non-Diving Activities: Travel & outdoor activities, volunteering, music

Favorite Food: Sushi, Mexican food & Wine

Favorite Dive Location: Cozumel & Roatan so far – I can’t wait to explore others


Role: Assistant Instructor and Downtown Aquarium Guide

Real Job: Software Engineering Consultant

Diving Credentials: SSI and PADI Assistant Instructor

Personal passion: Letting life happen and living every day to the fullest

Non Diving Activities: Hanging out with friends and family, travel, skiing, reading, playing music, decompressing in Vegas

Favorite food: Ensure

Favorite Dive Location: Playa Del Carmen Cenotes, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Texas, Vermont… to name a few.


Role: Assistant Instructor

Diving Credentials: SSI and PADI Assistant Instructor, Aquarium Volunteer, TEC50

Real Job: Market analyst

Personal passion:Learning, traveling, and the Oxford comma

Non-Diving Activities: Backcountry skiing, ice hockey, live music, remodeling our home

Favorite Food: Rib eye, sashimi, bordeaux, craft beer, anything exotic

Favorite Dive Location: Fiji, Cayman Islands, and a little slice of paradise called Kingfisher Pond


Diving Credentials: Assistant Instructor and Volunteer Diver at Denver Aquarium

Real Job: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. I own a company that manages virtual sales and support teams. We believe in greater success through collaboration! Our motto is: Success requires three bones – wishbone, backbone & funnybone

Personal passion: Travel and Diving. The two go hand in hand don’t they? Love everything about travel, from the journey to the destination and especially getting outside the ordinary. And what’s more off the beaten path than jumping off the boat?

Non-Diving Activities: Hiking – I summit a new 14’er every year, aerial arts, cruiser bike rides, reading in hammocks, and cooking ambitious ethnic dishes for fun (so at least my taste buds can travel when I can’t)

Favorite food: Seafood (sustainably caught only of course). I get hungry when I dive….Shhhh, don’t tell the fish!

Favorite Dive Location: Hawaii in a heartbeat <3


Role: Instructor and Aquarium Dive Guide

Real Job: Certified Nurse Assistant/Unit Coordinator

Diving Credentials: SSI and PADI Instructor, Denver Downtown Aquarium, Volunteer and New Volunteer Diver Trainer

Personal passion: Family and friends, and spending time with my grandchildren.

Non-Diving Activities: Motorcycling, hunting & fishing, beginner kayaking, hanging out with friends, and other stuff that’s fun!

Favorite food: Steak, chicken tenders, fish and chips. Actually I’m a very picky eater. Nothing Spicy!

Favorite Dive Location: Roatan, Honduras. I love wreck dives, and seeing sharks and rays.


Diving Credentials: SSI and PADI Assistant Instructor and Aquarium Guide

Real Job: I climb trees. Arborist for the City and County of Denver.

Personal passion: Travel

Non-Diving Activities: Hockey, Flyfishing, Bee keeping, Beer making

Favorite food: Vegetarians, a majority of my food only eats vegetables.

Favorite Dive Location: Suicide Cliffs, Okinawa, Japan; Lighthouse Reef, Belize