Scuba Review

Review, Refresh & Update Your Skills and Knowledge

Our Scuba Skills Update provides you with the perfect opportunity to review and practice important  skills you learned in your Open Water Diver program, while under the guidance of an A-1 diving professional.  Once you’ve completed the water skills you will be issued a digital SSI Scuba Skills Update recognition card.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your current diving certification does not expire!

scuba review

Program Fee – $265 per person

This program is for people who haven’t been diving for three years or LESS! If it’s been more than 3-years since your last dive, please call the A-1 Education Department and ask for Dan (303-789-2450)


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Show proof of certification from a recognized training agency
VERY IMPORTANT: Unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the program without showing your A-1 Professional proof of certification and presenting the following (completed and signed) documents

Complete the following forms and provide a completed copy of each form to your A-1 professional before the dive

Transfer/Cancellation Policy

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  • Should you cancel or transfer FOR ANY REASON less than 48 hours before the starting date of the course, all fees will be forfeited
  • Should you cancel or transfer less than seven days but more than 48 hours before the starting date of the class, there will be a $50 transfer/cancellation fee

Inclusions and Exclusions

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  • SSI Digital Training Materials
  • Skills review at the Denver Downtown Aquarium, in the Under the Sea Exhibit
  • Use of all equipment, including exposure suit
  • Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of instruction
    Note: Due to concerns about exhibit contamination and animal safety, you may only use your   own mask and fins. All other equipment will be provided
  • (1) day pass (that day) to the aquarium. Simply pick up your wristband at the Member Services window, located inside the main entrance

Not Included

  • Swimsuit, towel and personal hygiene items Please bring shoes (Keens, flip-flops) to wear on the wet deck.  Sorry, no bare feet allowed
  • Logbook (recommend digital logbook)

Where do you go from here?

After you complete your Scuba Review, you’ll be prepared to go diving, continue your diving education and even be ready to Dive With The Sharks at the Downtown Aquarium. Fantastic!

Please note:  The Aquarium Scuba Review programs has a minimum enrollment of 3 students and is structured for people who haven’t been diving for three years or less.  If it’s been longer than three years since your last open water dive, please contact A-1’s Education Department for details (303-789-2450).  Thank you.

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Please note: Cancelling less than one week before the starting date will result in a forfeit of your deposit.